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We focus on Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Pressure Roller, Printer Drum Unit, Printer Developer Unit products and so on

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China HongTai Office Accessories Ltd

HongTai Office Accessories Ltd

No office can do away with printing! It is an essential part of every business. And, that’s where HONGTAI comes into picture. We sell quality printer parts, plotter parts, copier parts, wide-format parts, scanner parts and everything else required to keep your printing equipment in top-notch condition. HONGTAI Office Accessories Ltd came into existence in 2007 out of sheer love for printers parts and copier parts the market that existed for its extra parts. We started as a small business dedicated to making efficient printing a reality for offices across whole word. With our hard work and commitment to quality, we forayed into selling parts associated with other printing technology. Today, HONGTAI has transformed into a leading distributor and dealer in equipment parts related to printer, ...

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