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HONGTAI help you seize the growing inkjet market


Latest company news about HONGTAI help you seize the growing inkjet market

The price of inkbin/inked printing products is "close to the people", the printing volume is high, and the price of single consumables is guaranteed, so that the cost of single printing is extremely low. Now affected by the economy, the ink bin printer has also played its due role.


In recent years, HP, Epson, Canon, Brothers and other manufacturers have increased the layout of ink-jet products and accelerated product iteration, aiming at the "throttling" mentality of users. It can be seen that ink-jet/ink-jet printing products are indeed recognized by the market.


HongTai Office Accessories Ltd has been vigorously promoting bottled ink, ink bin ink, sublimation ink, filling ink, ink cartridge, and so on. It has a wide range of products, providing high-quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions for different industries. All products are fully tested and verified. Different product models will use different ink formulations to ensure that the ink is fully matched with the printer, which can not only ensure the printing quality of the product, but also effectively extend the service life of the print head.

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