May 1, International Labour Day

May 18, 2023

Latest company news about May 1, International Labour Day

May 1, International Labour Day

latest company news about May 1, International Labour Day  0

The Chinese Labor Day holiday is from April 29th to May 3rd, also known as International Workers' Day. It is a public holiday in China and falls on May 1st every year. This festival was established to celebrate the contributions and achievements of workers from around the world. In China, holidays are usually a three-day leave for workers, although the specific date may vary depending on the year and government regulations.


In order to warmly celebrate May Day International Labor Day, further stimulate the work and life passion of all employees, enrich cultural and sports life, and enhance team cohesion, on April 28th, HONGTAI Company held a fun sports event to celebrate May Day. The sports meet revolves around fun and a spirit of cooperation, meticulously designing team events such as sandbags, pinball clips, pyramids, pressure boards, and fixed point shooting. During the competition, members of each group worked hard and faced challenges, fully showcasing the energetic and courageous spirit of Asian adults. The lively smiling faces of each group drew a complete conclusion to this event, enriching the cultural life of employees in their spare time, It also improves the team's centripetal force and creates a positive atmosphere.


HONGTAI Company has long emphasized the importance of workers' and workers' rights, striving to ensure that every employee works in an equal and safe environment and serves every customer in the best possible condition.