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Winter is coming. Have you solved the problem of paper jam and poor fixing?


Latest company news about Winter is coming. Have you solved the problem of paper jam and poor fixing?

These days, the "heat" of raw material price rise is high, and office consumables, accessories and finished products have been under great supply and price pressure. This year, the cold air came very early, and the low temperature had a certain impact on printing and copying, including paper jam, fixing and other problems.


There is a seemingly inconspicuous component in the copier, the paper take-up wheel, which is one of the main reasons for paper jam in winter. "The machine errors caused by the paper take-up wheel are mainly paper jam and paper jam. Most of the paper take-up wheel materials choose to imitate the new polyurethane materials, but even the original materials will become hard due to low temperature in winter, resulting in paper jam and paper jam, let alone some products with low quality. This is a problem that most copier users will encounter."


The paper take-up wheel is a vulnerable part, and the product quality directly affects the cost and efficiency. It is understood that in order to avoid the paper jam problem, most users will purchase the original paper roller products with higher price in winter, but the high price does not mean that the effect is ideal, and the paper jam problem still exists.


In this case, HONGTAI launched a new type of paper take-up wheel with high-end material formula. On the basis of the original rubber paper take-up wheel being easy to use, the quality has been further improved, so that the temperature difference effect of the paper take-up wheel will not be affected, and the life of the paper take-up wheel can reach the original, better than the original in winter, and the use effect of these special paper types of coated paper is better than the original.


"Most of the domestic manufacturers hope to produce at a low price, but the low price is doomed to greatly reduce the quality. HONGTAI provides the market with a paper take-up wheel that is not jammed in winter, easy to use and inexpensive. Welcome to consult and look forward to cooperating with you.

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